Orthodontic Pliers, Orthodontic Cutter

Orthodontic Pliers, Orthodontic Cutter

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Hard wire Cutter, Distal End cutter, Johnson Plier, Young Plier, Aderar Plier, Bird Beak Plier, MSY Plier, Nose round plier, Ligature Director plier, Band Seater, Elastic Placer, Elastic Remover, Positioning Guage, Elastic Seperating Plier, Mathiew Needle Holder, Jarabak Plier, Tweed Plier, 

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Hard Wire Cutter, Distal End Cutter, Orthodontic Set
Hard Wire Cutter, Distal End Cutter, Orthodontic Set  ..

About Us

STI Dental USA is a premier supplier of Surgical, Dental and Beauty instruments.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with highly durable instruments made with

finest quality steel and manufactured individually by master crafters. 


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