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Product Informations:

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  1. Product Name   : Periotome Set for Atraumatic Tooth Extractions
  2. Product Code      PTK
  3. Shipping              Free
  4. Material               Stainless Steel
  5. Usage                  Re usable
  6. Condition             New
  7. Warranty             Life Time 
  8. Guarantee          30 days money back


Product Descriptions:

  • Made with high quality stainless steel for maximum hardness.
  1. Posterior Periotome PT-1 Serrated DE
  2. Anterior Periotome PT-2 Serrated  DE
  3. Posterior Periotome PT-3 Serrated SE
  4. Posterior Periotome PT-4 Serrated SE
  5. Periotome PT-5, serrated SE
  6. Periotome sets of 5 pieces are used to cut the periodontal ligment. 
  7. All instruments are hand made, precise, durable and professionally crafted. 
  8. All our instruments are guaranteed for no rust.

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